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Iridescence Research Lab is a multi-disciplinary art and design practice conducting research and experiments in the design and production of music, materials and architecture.


Iridescence Research lab manages the publication and distribution of the artwork, music, photography and print work of the artist Vijay Rajkumar.



The National Pavilion of Bahrain at the 2023 Venice Biennale of Architecture features an immersive soundscape and film score composed by Vijay Rajkumar.

Complimenting the pavilion's garden, sustained by a self-irrigating system designed by the pavilion's curators Latifa Alkhayat and Maryam Aljomairi, the music for the pavilion was designed to similarly grow and evolve over the 6-month duration of the Biennale.


Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 4.29.25 PM.png

On Nervi + Light is a photographic study of the work of Pier Luigi Nervi, whose innovative work as an engineer transformed the way concrete structures are built. The study documents the parallel evolutions in structural innovation and the performance of natural light in his buildings (1930s-60s).  


The work was completed with the support of the 2023 John McAslan/Architects Foundation Fellowship.


Iridescent Concrete is an MIT patent pending material that gives ordinary cement iridescent properties without the use of films or additives. Inspired by the nano-scale structures of butterfly wings and beetle shells, the color-changing quality of this material is derived through the dynamic interaction of structure and light, rather than pigment.

An installation of Iridescent Concrete tiles is exhibited in the halls of MIT.nano, MIT's state-of-the-art nano-sciences facility.

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